Andrew E. Zimmer Fish and Game Association
4411 Arthur Kill Rd.
Staten Island, NY 10309

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The Andrew E. Zimmer Fish & Game Conservation Association, Inc., was established in 1926. Since then we have dedicated our time and resources to introducing and educating adults and youths on Staten Island to the conservation and enjoyment of the outdoors. We try to instill in the children the need for conservation and to protect our wildlife.

The purpose of our organization is:

To promote true sportsmanship and to unite sportsmen in a formal organization.

To help educate today's youth in various sportsman related activities in accordance with Department of Conservation law.

To assist in the conservation and protection of all forms of fish, game, and wildlife in our woods and waters.

To conduct extensive youth education courses during the winter months which are given free of charge.

To conduct hunter safety courses in both firearms and archery when the need requires it. These classes are given free of charge as required by N Y State Law.

Our funding comes from membership dues, private donations, grants, and from the various fund raising events held throughout the year. All club members volunteer their services for all our programs throughout the year to help maintain the traditions we have held for over 75 years.

The following is a brief description of some of our Club activities:

We offer a "Hunter Safety Course" for both Bow & Gun that is certified by NYS DEC. NYS law requires attending such a course in order to qualify for a Hunting License in NYS.

Some of our Youth Programs are described below:

Two (2) Huck Finn Fishing Tournaments (the first, July 4th @ Willowbrook Park & the second, is held on Last Wednesday in August @ Wolf's Pond Park): ZC Fishing Tournament Rules Apply. WE SUPPLY: The 1st 100 Contestants with loaner fresh or salt water fishing poles + bait, an event souvenir, refreshments, and trophies for event winners.

Youth Conservation Program: Classes are held every year for 10 weeks, January thru March, which focus on Wildlife Conservation and Parks. A DEC officer and a Parks Ranger attend. They will discuss their jobs, the parks and its wild life. A video is shown about conservation and pollution. Fishing: All types of fishing equipment; rods, reels, bait and tackle will be displayed for fresh water, salt water and fly-fishing. There will be explanations of which bait to use for various types of fish. Camping: Equipment you would need and different types of tents. Learn how to chose a tent site and what type of fire to build. Students learn how to use of a compass and map reading. Archery and Marksmanship: Different types of bows and arrows are shown along with how to shoot the bow and all safety measures that should be used. There is also a marksmanship day where we take students to a range where they are taught, with a one on one coach, how to properly handle and fire a 22 rifle. Students compete for best score and trophies are awarded. Live Birds of Prey: Every year the Theodore Roosevelt Bird Sanctuary brings down several live birds (Hawks, Falcons, Eagles, Owls). The birds are displayed one at a time while a handler talks about each one. A certified paramedic gives a First Aid course, students are instructed in emergency first aid and general care for cuts and burns. Awards are given based on marks received and attendance. Boys and girls ages 12-14 are eligible for a one-week stay at NYS DEC camp DeBruce. This Camp week is paid by the Zimmer Club, however, parents are responsible for transportation to and from the camp.

Horticulture Program: Youth are instructed in planting and cultivating gardens.

Blue Belt Management Program: Pond life is examined with an emphasis on natural water run offs and how they related to the environment and impact our daily lives

Harbor Estuary Program: We emphasize that the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary ecosystem is a living environmental and social resource. We instruct youths in it restoration and preservation program. Water purification is demonstrated and students design an ideal estuary ecosystem. Flora & Fauna are sought out and identified during nature walks after classroom orientation.

Some of our other ZC youth programs, courses, topics and/or events:
We sponsor at least six (6) family socials throughout the year; camping trips; bus trips; nature walks; beach & park clean-ups; hunting & fishing trips. We also stocked various Staten Island ponds with fish at our own expense. We encourage groups to utilize our facility.