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In 1926, the “Zimmer Club” was founded on Staten Island by Andrew E.  Zimmer.   His passion was to preserve Staten Island for the community and for future generations.  Andrew grew up on his family farm.  The farm was located on Richmond Avenue by Fresh Kills.  It was there, during his youth, that he enjoyed the outdoors.   His family and friends enjoyed crabbing, fishing, and hunting.   The farmland is now part of the Staten Island Mall.  Andrew became Staten Island’s original conservationist.   New York State appointed him as the first Environment Conservation Officer registered in Richmond County. 


In 1928, he and 11 of his friends, submitted paperwork to New York State for a Certificate of Incorporation.  They formally became the Andrew E Zimmer Association Inc.  People continued to call the Organization the “Zimmer Club.” 


We are a registered 501(c)7 membership Organization.  We formally meet twice a month, pay dues, and hold various family dinners, and other functions.  All our members are over 21 years old, with the exception, of our Intern Program for college age students.  Our primary objective is the conservation, protection, and preservation of wildlife on Staten Island and in the great outdoors.  We host various New York State, Sportsman Education Safe Boating and Driver Safety certification classes.  Both adults and youth participate in these programs.  Our clubhouse venue is defined as a “community facility.”  This location is where we host various community and not for profit groups needing our assistance.  We are also a hunting and fishing organization and practice what we preach.  We supplied NYS Department of Conservation with water patrol craft and stocked ponds and lakes on Staten Island with freshwater fish.


In 1960, we purchased our current location, 4411 Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island, N.Y. 10309 in the Charleston section of Staten Island, Telephone 718 948-9599.


In 1985, Andrew E. Zimmer passed away.


In 1988, we honored Andrew E. Zimmer again by our club members.  They wanted all to remember his passion for conservation, the preservation of the shoreline, the wildlife and estuary systems of Staten Island.   That is why our Organization is a/k/a:  the Andrew E. Zimmer Fish & Game Protectors and Conservation Association. 


We now have over a 95 years history behind us and still use our original name the “Zimmer Club.”  We continue this name in order to honor our founder’s memory as Richmond County’s original conservationist.


In 2004, eight members of the Andrew E. Zimmer Association Inc (founded in 1926 a/k/a the “Zimmer Club” by native Staten Islanders) realized that many clubs, like theirs, cater to their adult members first and youth programs second.  They determined that a 21st Century youth spends too much time watching TV, playing a video games or using their computers.  Today’s youth became a loner displaying antisocial behavior, don’t know how to have fun or interact with others, experienced peer pressure, and lost touch with nature and the environment. They explored remedies to change this trend.  They found the answer and formed a new organization where the youth are the primary members.  Adults who can impart knowledge and expertise became their membership.


On September 29, 2005 the “Zimmer Club Youth Conservation Program of Staten Island, Inc.” became a reality.  It was established as a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization and registered with the New York State Attorney General’s Office.  The eight founders were the original Board of Directors.  As such, they went on to build the Organization.  1st they solicited instructors using the philosophy of New York State’s, original Conservation Officer for Richmond County, Andrew E. Zimmer.  They then returned to the original organization and convinced its membership to become instructors and to use their facility as a venue.  Once the instructors and venue was secured, they solicited students, donations, and non-member instructors.  After which, they solicited, public, NYS & NYC program funding.   The venue allowed the youth organization to hold classes at our clubhouses and grounds thus most classes are FREE to the youth of Staten Island.


How the youth’s organization name was determined:  1st  they began with “Zimmer Club” since this is where our founders originated from and is their venue;  2nd they added the target population “Youth”;  3rd what we and they were all about “Conservation”;  4th the diversity of our subject matter, “Program”; and 5th where we are located “Staten Island.” 


In 2006, both organizations purchased a computer domain.  The Andrew E, Zimmer Association, Inc website is and email address is  The Zimmer Club Youth Conservation Program of Staten Island Inc was and their email address was


In 2021, Zimmer Club Youth Conservation Program of Staten Island changed their website name from to and email address from to  However, for program continuity, the youth website can be found by just typing in either name. 


Go to our contact page and find out how you can stop by and check us out and find the link to the youth program.

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